¿Why Maki?

Maki Cacao is a Colombian company dedicated to bringing the authentic flavor of Colombia to the world through our handmade cacao products. With a commitment to offering unparalleled quality and sustainability at every step of the process, we work closely with local communities to source the best ingredients and support the economic development of the region. From our exotic chocolate bars to our unique infusions, at Maki Cacao, we take pride in sharing the taste of Colombia with the world.

Why us?
We care about the quality and to work with low cadmio. We visit the cacao farms to help with the process. 

We find the perfect cacao beans or chocolate profile for your needs. Also mixing the chocolate with colombian ingredients. 

We believe in conscious products: caring for nature, supporting communities and caring for the well-being of those who consume our products.

* We use ingredients from agroforestry crops, mostly.

* Most of the ingredients we use are purchased directly from the farmers. Frade Trade. 

* We do not use preservatives or artificial ingredients, all natural.


Our Products

Cacao Beans

We handle various origins of cacao in Colombia to cover a wide range of flavor profiles focused on your needs

Cacao nibs

Our medium roasted cacao is used to highlight the flavors of each region.

Cacao Butter

We use cacao from Caquetá to extract the best quality and flavored cacao butter.

Cacao powder

A non-alkalized cocoa powder with a 20% cacao butter content that maintains its properties and nutrients.

Customise Chocolate Bars

We design your bars according to your brand identity, focusing on using profiles that pair perfectly.

Chocolate Coveture

Our chocolate coveture are designed to bring you the best flavors of Colombia for your products such as ice cream, baked goods, chocolates, and anything else you want to create with it.

Cacao kombucha

Refreshing drink based on premium cocoa from local producers.

Cacao infusions

Our infusions are made with cacao husk mixed with fruits, herbs, spices and all colombian ingredients.

Cacao syrop

Made with cacao mucilage, it is a syrup to put in different preparations. An incredible citrus and sweet flavor!


We have extensive experience in exports to more than 5 countries in the world. Places that were delighted with Colombian cacao and the experience with Maki.

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